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Garage Door Spring Replacement

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Repairing Broken Garage Door Springs is Our Specialty

Proper maintenance of garage door springs is crucial for the safe operation of your overhead door. Since they hold most of the weight while in motion, worn-out springs can lead to cables not being able to lift or lower the door properly, meaning you need garage door spring replacement after 7-9 years. When you have a broken garage door spring, contact us for same-day repairs on your schedule!

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Here at Bearfoot Garage Doors, we specialize in swift garage door spring replacements. Our team of skilled professionals has many years of experience, and can quickly handle your garage door spring replacement near Pagosa Springs or Durango, CO. The common signs that you have a broken garage door spring include the following:

  • Your garage door won’t open. 
  • Your garage door is heavy to open manually. 
  • Your garage door spring is elongated. 
  • Your garage door slams down suddenly when it tries to open. 
  • There is a 3-4” gap between the garage door spring’s coils. 
  • You notice loose or fallen garage door cables. 
  • Your garage door opens halfway and suddenly stops. 
  • Your garage door opens crookedly or at an angle. 
garage door spring replacement near me
Garage Door Spring Replacement

If you’re experiencing any of the listed issues, we recommend calling your local garage door company for a garage door spring replacement. Bearfoot Garage Doors would be happy to handle your broken torsion spring any day of the week! We keep high-cycle replacement torsion and extension springs in stock to restore your garage door in one appointment. Contact us now to book a same-day appointment!

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Why Garage Door Spring Repair Cannot Wait 

A garage door can weigh 300 pounds or more, making it the heaviest moving object in your home. When your garage door springs are not functioning properly or broken, they can become a safety hazard for anyone around. Broken garage door springs will not be able to maintain the weight of your garage door, meaning the door could rapidly fall without notice. If someone or something is near the garage door when it falls, they are at risk for severe injuries. The best way to protect yourself from an unexpected garage door spring break is by responding quickly to any signs of damaged or aging garage door springs. Regular maintenance will also help prevent this problem.

Another reason your garage door spring repair can’t wait is that it can lead to more costly garage door repairs. When your garage door spring is worn out, it puts more stress on other parts of your garage door, such as the cables and opener. If you delay your garage door spring replacement, you will eventually need to replace more parts of your garage door. To avoid more costly garage door repairs, you should schedule a garage door spring replacement at the first sign of an issue. 

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When your garage door springs are not working properly, call on the professionals at Bearfoot Garage Doors to handle your garage door spring replacement. On top of efficient garage door spring repair, we can also assist you with maintaining your garage door springs with routine garage door maintenance. Don’t hesitate; let our technicians take care of your garage door spring needs today!

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