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Bearfoot Garage Doors has been serving the community of Bayfield, CO (81122) with quality garage door services for decades. Because community is important to us, we want to provide your home or business with the best garage door repair Bayfield CO. From residential or commercial garage door services, we can do it all to ensure you get a long term garage door repair service or a quality new garage door

Garage Door Repair Near Bayfield CO

Because your garage door is likely the heaviest moving part of your home, it needs to be carefully maintained and periodically repaired. Without this upkeep, it can become a dangerous and expensive problem for your home. That is why we offer affordable garage door repair Bayfield CO when your garage door won’t open or your garage door won’t close. In fact, we’re here to help with all your garage door problems! Just give us a call to set up your residential garage door repair Bayfield CO. 

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If your garage door is heavy to open manually, it is a clear sign that you need a garage door spring replacement. Your garage door springs hold the majority of your garage door’s weight and work closely with your garage door cables to get your door open. When your garage door is heavy to open manually, it indicates that your garage door springs are weak or broken. You should schedule a garage door tune-up so we can catch signs of an issue before you have a broken spring on your hands. 

The signs that you need a garage door opener repair include:

  • Your garage door opens by itself.
  • Your garage door opener is 10-15 years old. 
  • The garage door is stuck in one position. 
  • Your garage door won’t open. 
  • Your garage door won’t close all the way. 
  • When you try to close your garage door, it suddenly reverses. 
  • Your garage door keypad or remote is not working. 

If you notice any of the listed issues occurring with your garage door, call and schedule a garage door opener repair with us! 

Your garage door consists of numerous moving parts that all work together to open and close it when you use your keypad or remote. When one of those parts isn’t working properly, it throws off your entire garage door. When you notice your garage door is not functioning like usual, then it is time for a garage door repair. Some things to look out for when determining if your need a garage repair are:

  • Squeaking or grinding noises
  • Your garage door is not opening or closing properly
  • You see a break in the coils of the spring
  • You see loose or fallen cables
  • Your garage door rises at an angle
  • You hear a loud popping noise

No matter what your garage door issue is, Bearfoot Garage Doors can take care of your garage door repair near Bayfield CO!

Need Garage Door Opener Repair?  

Is your garage door opener unreliable? Have you noticed strange noises coming from your garage door opener when you open and close your door? If so, you are in need of a garage door opener repair. We provide the Bayfield CO community with excellent garage repair! Our garage door professionals are trained to handle both electrical and mechanical garage door opener repairs. We keep our trucks fully stocked with all the necessary tools needed to complete your door repair, so you don’t have to worry about anything! When your garage door opener needs to be fixed, call on us to take care of your garage door opener repair in Bayfield CO! We can also recommend the best-rated garage door openers, and provide garage door opener installation!

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Garage Door Spring Replacement Nearby

Here at Bearfoot Garage Doors, we are highly skilled in garage door spring replacements near Bayfield CO. Our team of experienced garage door specialists can deliver you a quick garage door spring replacement every day of the week! Your garage door springs help keep your garage door balanced and steady when you open it, so it is important to have healthy garage door springs. We are well-trained to replace broken garage door springs. When your springs are weak or worn out, you run the risk of them snapping, and causing major injuries to anyone around. 

To avoid putting everyone around you at risk, we suggest scheduling a garage door spring replacement every 7-9 years. When it is time for your garage door spring repair, we will be there for you! We can take care of your garage door spring replacement near Bayfield CO so that you can use your garage door without any problems. When you notice your garage door springs are becoming worn out, call on the experts at Bearfoot Garage Doors to handle your garage repair!

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New Garage Doors Bayfield CO

We don’t just repair garage doors, we can also install any residential or commercial garage door. From insulated garage doors to protect your home to full view glass garage doors for maximum curb appeal, we can do it all to upgrade your home. Plus, for local businesses including warehouses and storefronts, we install rolling steel doors and even industrial sectional doors. 

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