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Need Help With Your Opener Keypads or Remotes?

Do you need help re-syncing, repairing, or replacing your opener keypad or remotes? Bearfoot Garage Doors is here to assist you with all your garage door accessories issues! We provide garage door opener keypad and remote replacement in Pagosa Springs and Durango, CO, ensuring you can conveniently operate and secure your home at the touch of a button. 

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We can repair any garage door!

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Tips for Troubleshooting Problems With Your Garage Door Opener

If you press your remote or keypad and the garage door doesn’t open, you can take a few troubleshooting steps to see what the problem is with your overhead door. 

  1. Try replacing the batteries. Your remote and keypad often just need fresh batteries to get your overhead door running again.
  2. Try reprogramming your remote. Unfortunately, technology does not always behave the way it should. Sometimes, when your garage door isn’t responding to the remote, they have gotten out of sync. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to resync the remote to the opener and try operating it again. 
  3. Purchase replacement remotes for aging models. If your remote or keypad is 15+ years old, it may just be time for an upgrade. New models of remotes and keypads make operating your garage door easy.

If you’re still having trouble with your garage door opener system after these troubleshooting steps or don’t have the time to deal with the issues, contact Bearfoot Garage Doors for assistance. We’d be happy to provide garage door opener keypad and remote repair and replacement near you so your garage door system returns to operating as it should.

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Buy Replacement Keypads and Remotes from Us

We sell and install LiftMaster garage door openers, so we stay stocked with replacement keypads and remotes. When you call for garage door opener keypad and remote replacement, we’ll serve you fast with a wide variety of options, including:

  • Universal Keyless Entry
  • Button Remote Controls
  • Keychain Remote Controls
  • Visor Remote Controls
  • Universal Remote Controls
  • Wall Control Panels

We’d love to assist you if you need a replacement garage door opener remote or a new keypad. Contact us to request the necessary accessories, and we’ll let you know what we have in stock to serve your home today.

Can I add a keypad to my existing garage door opener?

If you can operate your garage door with a wireless remote, we should also be able to connect a wireless keypad. We can start by exploring the best keypad options for your brand and model of garage door opener, and then we can assist you with programming it for your opener. 

Should I get wired or wireless keypads?
How long do garage door remotes last?

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