Gray Short Panel Garage Door

Gray Short Panel Garage Door

Background Versus Star Players

Notice how for this particular design, their chosen garage door style is a traditional raised panel with no windows. Their gray short panel garage door is subdued, which allows the eyes to settle on a soft color. A subdued garage door allows other parts of the home to shine, so nothing is fighting for center stage. 

When Bearfoot Garage Doors installed a new garage door for this home, they already had multicolored shiplap panels on the walls, an orange-rusted colored beadboard, and a wood-centric theme. Their chosen gray short panel garage door serves as a background player, so it brings the whole look together with complementary colors. 


Adding design features like short panels, long panels, raised panels, recessed panels, flushed panels, or no panels is up to the homeowner. Smaller panels on the face of a garage door add depth and dimension, creating pleasant details for a textured look. 

Some garage door terminology: short panels mean square-shaped panes, and long panels mean small rectangular panes. Short panels, like on this gray short panel garage door, give it a three-dimensional effect. The valleys and high plateaus arranged in this chocolate bar formation are a stylish aesthetic that adds to this design element. 

Add the Designs You Want For New Garage Door Installation 

A neutral garage door color up against other textures is just one of the many design elements you could add to your new garage door. You can keep a simplistic garage door that will complement other aspects of your home. To get started on your version of a gray short panel garage door, call one of our professional garage door design and installation experts at (970) 251-0479 (Pagosa Springs, CO) or (970) 230-3839 (Durango, CO) for new garage door installation today.

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