Brown Short-Panel Garage Doors

brown short-panel garage doors

Brown Short-Panel Garage Doors: A Perfect Match!

One of the first choices homeowners need to make when choosing a door for a new garage door installation is whether they want their door to stand out or blend in. These brown short-panel garage doors are a perfect example of those that blend in with the rest of the home and complement the existing colors. Choosing a darker shade of brown from the rest of the house is visually appealing, and the brown short-panel garage doors are full of texture, dimension, and character.

Certified Name Brand Dealers

We are proud to be certified, local dealers of Clopay Garage Doors and C.H.I. Overhead Door to provide our varied clientele the best selection of high-grade doors available on the current market. Our garage door specialists at Bearfoot Garage Door can help you choose a color, material, and panel design that will look great on your home!

Panel Options For Garage Doors

These brown short-panel garage doors are only one of many types of garage door panels available. You can choose between short and long panels, raised or recessed panels, or even flushed panels. 

Raised Panels – Perfect for both traditional and contemporary garage doors, raised panels add depth and an elegant look to a garage door. Choose between short or long raised panels. Short panels are placed side by side, while long panels stretch over the length of the door.

Recessed PanelsThe opposite of raised panels which protrude outward, recessed panels are sunken into the garage door. 

Flush PanelsCompletely flat panels popular with contemporary and modern styles.

It’s Your Turn For a New Garage Door Installation!

A new garage door installation will work wonders for your home’s curb appeal and property value. It is an investment that can last over 30 years, and Bearfoot Garage Doors is here to ensure the installation process goes smoothly. We are certified Clopay and CHI dealers, two of the leading garage door manufacturers in the industry, so you can be assured that all our garage door products are high quality. Fill out a contact form to schedule an appointment, or call us at (970) 251-0479 in Pagosa Springs or (970) 230-3839 in Durango.

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