Traditional Long Panel Garage Door

Traditional Long Panel Garage Door

Traditional With a Modern Twist

At Bearfoot Garage Doors, we like to think of a garage door as a blank canvas. On this traditional long panel garage door, the homeowner wanted to keep the classic white, yet add a modern twist. In the model shown above, notice how they chose the window panel to be placed higher and stretched out the four panels into rectangles. Who knew window panels could be so versatile!

You can order a new garage door installation for the purpose of complementing other aspects of your home’s features. A classic traditional garage door does just that! There are also more colors available depending on if our buyers want their new garage door to match the color of their home. With the intent of higher resale value, a traditional long panel garage door is easy to maintain, repair, and install. The curb appeal a traditional long panel garage door adds to a home makes for a perfect renovation, remodel, or resell. It has been proven that a new garage door installation has the highest return of investment for homeowners.

A Traditional Garage Door Suits Any Home

Traditional garage doors appeal to homeowners who prefer a cleaner, classic appearance for their overhead doors. These doors typically have raised panels that the buyer is able to personalize with a variety of colors. As the model above shows, a traditional long panel garage door will suit any home. Our diverse residential clientele in Pagosa Springs and Durango, Colorado say you can’t go wrong! We offer steel, aluminum, and traditional wood options for our buyers. 

Bearfoot Garage Doors Most Popular Garage Door Designs

Traditional styles complement a wide range of home decor styles, making it one of the most popular garage door designs. Call one of our professionals at (970) 251-0479 (Pagosa Springs) or (970) 230-3839 (Durango), and boost your home’s resale value with a traditional long panel garage door.

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