Flushed Panel Gray Modern Garage Door

Gray Modern Garage Door

Modern garage doors are all about bringing style to an industrial look, and this garage door is no exception! It features long, flushed panels in a light gray color. There’s a column of asymmetrical, frosted windows running down the left side. Everything about this garage door is the height of modern style!

The flushed panels, traveling end-to-end, provide an overall seamless look. You won’t find any unnecessary hardware here! The entire door comes together as a whole, appearing as a solid piece. The unique gray color adds a fun accent that you won’t find with most garage doors. It highlights the modern style while contrasting nicely with the house. The windows add a lot of natural lighting but keep things private by their frosted appearance. They create cohesion with the door off to the side, tying everything together nicely.

Modern garage doors are known for keeping things simple. You’ll most often find them in wood or steel. Neutral colors are encouraged! Some of these doors have asymmetrical windows running down one side, some have windows running down both pr across the top, some have no windows, and some are made of all windows! You never know what you’re going to get with a modern garage door!

With modern garage doors, you can combine a polished style with a beautiful look to create a garage door that will instantly upgrade your home! Modern doors are also very customizable, so you can get the exact look that you want.

Do you want a modern garage door installed in your home? You came to the right place! Bearfoot Garage Doors has a lot of experience installing modern garage doors that perfectly fit their homes. We’ll walk through your options with you and make sure that you get the best modern door for your home! Contact us today to get started!

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