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Modern Garage Door with Windows

We love seeing before and after pictures of garage door installations at Bearfoot Garage Doors! It’s amazing seeing the difference that a new look can make to a home! Since garage doors are such a big part of your home’s exterior, it’s important that your garage door is up-to-date and looks nice. A nice, new garage door can instantly upgrade any home!

This garage door started as a plain, white, traditional garage door. There wasn’t anything too special going on here. It was starting to get old, and this homeowner decided that it was time for an upgrade! Our team helped this homeowner pick out an amazing new door. And just look at the difference!

This new garage door features dark paneling that accents the stone around it. It also perfectly matches the door off to the side, creating cohesion with the surrounding elements. The flushed paneling gives a smooth appearance, a great contrast to the rough stones. Not to mention, it draws the eye more toward the unique windows. The double set of windows is a great twist that adds some personality. Not to mention, it gives a lot of natural light to this garage!

This modern-style garage door makes this home look trendy and adds a fun appearance to the outside. All of the different elements work well together to complement the home’s exterior and provide a new look.

If you want a modern garage door installation in your home, give Bearfoot Garage Doors a call! We’ll work with your tastes, your home’s style, and your budget to get you the perfect garage door for your home. We can help you find a modern garage door that transforms your home as much as this one did! You’ll be amazed by the transformation! Contact us to get started today!

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