Wood Garage Door With Recessed Panels

wood garage doors

Faux Wood Versus Real Wood

Oh, all the things you can do with wood! The wood garage door with recessed panels shown above went with a semi-custom, darker stained faux wood. Faux wood weighs and costs much less than real wood, but a faux wood garage door material boosts your home’s curb appeal nonetheless. Real wood would require a durable garage door opener since wood garage doors are the heaviest door material.

Would You Like Wood With That Garage Door?

Wood is an excellent garage door material to add recessed panels. Additional panels bring out the natural grain, whichever type and shade you go with, a Bearfoot Garage Door professional will help you. The buyer of this model shown above decided to go with a rustic, cabin style and really showcased their love for the natural and stained wood material. While the number of panels and raised panels versus recessed panels are a matter of personal preference, it will determine how busy or simple you want the surrounding framework to be. Your new wood garage door with recessed panels is a simple and a bold choice for your home all in one.

Build A Door With Clopay

When you go to Build A Door, you will see our high-quality Clopay garage door dealer and their one-of-a-kind wood garage doors. We encourage buyers to customize their wood garage door with recessed panels because options are limitless. Some natural wood include Redwood, Cedar, Hemlock, and Extira with factory priming, staining, or a painted white finish. 

Contact Bearfoot Garage Doors To Build Your Garage Door

Call one of our professionals at (970) 251-0479 (Pagosa Springs, CO) or (970) 230-3839 (Durango, CO), and we will walk you through every step of the way! To begin designing your wood garage door with recessed panels, Bearfoot Garage Doors is happy to make your new garage door installation a breeze. 

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