Faux Wood Modern Garage Door

Modern Faux Wood Garage Door

Lighter Materials

The owners of this garage door took a modern style they really liked and asked our wood design experts to elevate their vision with faux wood material, which created this faux wood modern garage door. In this instance, opting for a faux wood material over a wood material is saving on installation costs and the wear and tear on your opener’s motor. Faux wood is made with a much more affordable steel material with an emulated texture that gives it the “faux wood” name.

Sought After Wood Materials

The beauty and character of the natural grains within each wood panel for design are one of our core specialties here at Bearfoot Garage Doors! Real wood, plus the gorgeous Colorado backdrop, is something we understand is greatly sought after. We can keep your garage door installation affordable with faux wood. These homeowners wanted a consistent texture throughout the different aspects of this otherwise wood-centric theme, and faux wood was perfect for their barndominium-styled home. Our design and installation experts will point you in the right direction for a garage door like this faux wood modern garage door. 

Don’t Forget Your Faux Wood Finish!

For more information and inspiration for how you would want your faux wood modern garage door to look, contact us directly or visit our Build A Door page. Whether you want cedar, mahogany, plywood, or a natural finish, our expert garage door technicians will help you design the garage door you’ve dreamt about in your head. 

Call one of our professionals at (970) 251-0479 for our home base in Pagosa Springs, CO and surrounding areas or (970) 230-3839 for Durango, CO. See a service area near you and contact us so you can see your home’s resale value instantly boost with a Bearfoot Garage Doors faux wood modern garage door installation!

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