Modern vs. Carriage Garage Doors: The Pros and Cons

Where Should You Start?

Are you considering a new garage door but have no idea where to begin? Have you heard a lot of random names thrown around but have no idea what they mean? Do you not know what the best garage door is for your home?

No need to worry! Bearfoot Garage Doors is here to break down the differences between different garage door styles. We’ll help you figure out the best new garage door for your home!

When considering garage door styles, there are two that stand out the most: modern and carriage. These are the two most popular styles for an upgraded garage door. A new garage door replacement has consistently ranked as the #1 home improvement with the highest return on investment (ROI) for the past few years, according to the 2022 Cost v. Value Report. If you want a good ROI, you’ll need to choose your new garage door carefully.

Carriage Garage Doors – The Elegant Option

What are They?

Carriage garage doors are perhaps one of the most widely known styles of garage doors. This style—also known as carriage house or coach house—combines class and charm to create an elegant garage door that instantly updates any home.

Where Did They Come From?

These doors get their inspiration from the barns that held horses’ carriages. They attempt to mimic the look by making it appear like the door swings outward. They usually have a vintage element to them to appear more natural.

What Do They Feature?

gallery slate garage door


Carriage garage doors feature wood or faux wood materials—usually faux wood. Faux wood is less expensive, easier to maintain, and more customizable.

wood garage door installation


These garage doors tend to stick with lighter, neutral colors. You’ll most often see them in white, cream, “natural,” or stained. Of course, these can come in other colors as well. The neutral colors keep a simplistic, natural appearance that helps add to the overall elegance.

carriage garage door

Decorative Elements

This style has a lot of decorative elements to complete the look. These often come in dark colors and are made of iron. These elements feature faux hinges and handles arranged to make it look like the door opens outward. Sometimes the carriage doors will have a characteristic “X” shape that brings a barn-style element.

carriage style garage door


The overall goal with a carriage garage door is to add a vintage touch of charm. The features are basically the same among all carriage garage doors, with some minor differences, of course, so you can be sure that you’re getting exactly what you’re asking for. If your home looks more elegant, then this garage door has done its job.

Why are They Great?

Carriage house garage doors are great because they add a sophisticated touch without breaking the budget. They can go with pretty much any style of home, and they’ll instantly improve the curb appeal of your home. Not to mention, they’re easy to maintain and repair!

Carriage Garage Doors


  • Affordable
  • Elegant
  • Easy to Maintain


  • More Common
  • Similar Look Among All
  • Won’t Stand Out Against the House

Modern Garage Doors – The Unique Option

What are They?

Modern garage doors are just that—modern! Disclaimer: this doesn’t mean that these doors are whatever is new and trendy. That’s what “contemporary” refers to. When we say “modern garage door,” we’re referring to the modern style. These doors create a streamlined, industrialized feel that will stand out anywhere.

Where Did They Come From?

These garage doors come from a desire for a simplistic style. There’s nothing unnecessary here! Just a straightforward approach that keeps things in order.

What Do They Feature?

modern garage doors


The materials on this style of door can range a lot! Everything from wood to faux wood to glass to steel is included here. Most of these feature wood or glass elements.

Modern flush charcoal garage door


The colors will range, but you’ll mostly find dark or neutral colors. Black garage doors are an especially popular option here! However, you’ll also find a lot of dark stains as well.

Flushed Panel Garage Doors

Decorative Elements

None! There is nothing that isn’t absolutely unnecessary here. The outside of the garage door will appear smooth and clean, nothing breaking up that flow. The materials and styles themselves will create an amazing look.

Glass Garage Door


The features of a modern garage door vary just as much as the doors themselves. There are several sub-styles when it comes to modern garage doors. (Let us know if you’d like to learn more about the different types of modern garage doors.) That being said, all of these styles feature similar elements: clean lines, dark or neutral colors, asymmetrical features (sometimes), and no unnecessary hardware. A clean appearance is the overall goal.

Why Are They Great?

Modern garage doors are great because of how unique each one is! They’re so customizable that you can get a garage door that no one else has. Plus, they instantly stand out from your home, creating a nice focal point.

Modern Garage Doors


  • Unique
  • Customizable
  • Draws Attention


  • Pricey
  • Harder to Maintain
  • Not all Materials Work With Every Climate

So Which is the Best Door?

It’s up to you! The type of door that’s “the best” will be the best one for your home, tastes, and budget. You certainly can’t go wrong with either of these. They’ll both instantly add a lot of value to your home.

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