Elevate Your Home or Business With Glass Garage Doors

Did you know that garage doors cover up to 30% of your home’s exterior? The impact garage doors have on the overall appearance of a property is substantial. Glass garage doors will take any tired-looking property and breathe new life into it! Learn about the benefits of glass doors and how they can be used for both residential and commercial applications.

4 Advantages of Glass Garage Doors

  1. Curb Appeal- Potential buyers are attracted to glass doors, and the increased appeal increases property resale value, making them a valuable investment. With several design options, home and business owners can customize a garage door unique to them. 
  2. Natural Light- The natural light that flows into a garage or commercial space with glass doors reduces the need for artificial light. The improved visibility is a major bonus!
  3. Energy Efficiency- Modern glass doors have insulated glass panels or frames that help regulate temperature. By containing cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter, less energy is consumed, saving home and business owners money on their utility bills. 
  4. Durability and Security- Glass garage doors are anything but fragile, as some would assume. Made of tempered or laminated glass, they’re impact-resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Your vehicles and storage items are kept safe and secure behind glass garage doors.
Full-View Glass Garage Doors

Experience the Versatility of Glass Garage Doors 

If you’re bored with the simple look of traditional garage doors, try something new with customizable glass garage doors! Some might think these doors are limited to only a few types of homes, but that’s not the case. There are many applications for glass doors!

Residential Use

With various design options, glass garage doors can complement different architectural styles. They pair perfectly with modern homes, of course, but they also add elegance and a touch of modern flair to homes with a more traditional aesthetic. Full-view doors encourage homeowners to utilize their garages in unique ways, such as showcasing a car collection or transforming the space into a workshop, craft room, or home gym. Get creative and use your imagination to expand your living space with a new residential garage door installation.

Commercial Use

Full-view glass doors have become increasingly popular for commercial properties seeking functionality and improved aesthetics. With the ability to showcase products or services and attract new customers with the open feel of an indoor/outdoor space, business owners can create a welcoming and positive atmosphere. Custom logo and branding options are a perfect way to utilize glass garage doors for commercial use. A few commercial properties that benefit from glass doors are shown below:

Commercial Applications of glass garage doors, Bearfoot Garage Doors

Industrial Use

Gone are the days when warehouses were dark and stuffy, closed off from the rest of the world. With glass garage doors, warehouses and distribution centers optimize natural light to create a better and safer work environment. The transparency enables easier monitoring of activities inside and outside while not compromising functionality. Automotive repair shops can create a safe separation from their work area while customers watch the progress of their vehicles. Glass garage doors are also used in manufacturing facilities, aiding in the production process.

Open Up to Possibilities: Consider a New Garage Door Installation

Whether you’re a homeowner ready to replace your old garage door or a business owner looking to upgrade your property and attract new customers, a glass garage door installation is an excellent investment! With multiple styles, designs, and color options, you will find a door matching your needs, preferences, and budget.

Bearfoot Garage Doors specializes in garage door installation near Pagosa Springs, CO and Durango, CO. Read our recent reviews to hear what past customers say about us, and use our Build a Door Tool to see how a new glass garage door can transform your property! Contact us for more information.

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