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Make a Statement With a Black Garage Door Installation

If you’ve been looking for a way to drastically improve the exterior look of your home, a new garage door installation is the way to go. In this article, we share four reasons a black garage door installation is an excellent investment. Take your home from drab to fab with one single upgrade!

1. Black Garage Doors Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Any new garage door installation is sure to improve the look of your home drastically. However, a black garage door installation has even more impact due to current trends for a bold garage door. Over the past couple of years, black doors have become increasingly popular. Homeowners love the eye-catching, clean look and how they can make a home stand out. Check out any garage door project gallery, and you’re guaranteed to find examples of stunning black garage doors!

 2. Black Garage Doors Look Great With Multiple Styles

Neutral colors used to be the norm regarding garage door installation. Homeowners now have extensive color choices beyond the standard white, sandstone, tans, and browns we’re all familiar with. Black garage doors are bold, trendy, and classy and look great with multiple garage door styles. Although black doors are most popular with modern and contemporary styles, black looks great on traditional and carriage-style doors as well!

3. Steel Black Garage Doors Are Easy to Maintain

Life is busy, and the last thing homeowners want to worry about is garage door maintenance. This is why choosing a steel garage door is a win-win: you get a fantastic look without the hassle. Steel black garage doors do not fade as easily as other colors or stains, cutting down on time needed for upkeep. Steel doors are arguably the most maintenance-friendly garage door material available. Here are a couple of maintenance tips:

  • Use mild soap and water to clean a black garage door. Note: If the door is made of wood, dry it completely when finished to keep the wood from warping.
  • Apply a sealant every 2-3 years to keep your garage door looking vibrant and fresh.
  • Make it a habit to visually inspect your garage door monthly for dents, rust, loose parts, etc. 
  • Schedule an appointment with your local garage door service company for annual tune-ups to keep your door in tip-top shape!
black garage door installation

4. Black Garage Doors Have Different Material Options

Like black garage doors work with multiple styles, they also come in different material options. Here are a few you can choose from:


We previously discussed the benefits of steel black garage doors and how they are easy to maintain. A steel garage door is also moisture and insect-resistant, decreasing the chance of damage.


Black wood garage doors are more expensive and require more maintenance than other garage door materials, but they provide a high-end look and feel that other materials can not. 

glass black garage door installation


Glass is the way to go for a garage door material with countless customization options! Black glass garage doors can be designed with numerous window layouts that allow natural light into your garage and are a true show-stopper. 

Get Started With a Black Garage Door Installation Today!

If you’re ready to move forward with a new garage door installation, you should get in touch with a local garage door company near you. Be sure to choose a company you trust that offers high-quality products at affordable rates. The team you work with should be willing to answer all your questions about black garage door installation, and they should have extensive training and experience to back up their work. 

Bearfoot Garage Doors offers all of this and more near Pagosa Springs, CO and Durango, CO. Contact us if you live in the area, and we’d love to turn your dream of a black garage door installation into a reality.

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