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Common Causes of Garage Door Noises

When operating your garage door, the last thing you want to hear is strange grinding, squeaking, or rattling noises. Just like your car, when you hear unusual noises coming from your garage, it typically means something needs to be fixed, replaced, or maintained. Here are the most common reasons why your garage door may be making unusual noises. 

Common Reasons For a Noisy Garage Door

The Door is Off Balance

In order for your garage door to operate smoothly, everything needs to be lined up perfectly. Your garage door springs are responsible for keeping your door balanced, but if they are not working properly, it can cause your door to be off-balanced. When your garage door is off-balance, it causes metal parts to rub against each other, creating a grinding noise every time your door opens and closes. If your garage door seems to be off-balance, we highly recommend scheduling a garage door spring replacement as soon as possible. 

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Your Garage Door Needs To Be Lubricated

One of the most important garage door maintenance steps you can perform is lubricating your garage door parts. When your garage door is lubricated, it will have a smooth operation, but if not, they will grind against each other and eventually rust over. Your garage door parts, including hinges, spring, rollers, and chains, need to be properly lubricated at least twice a year with garage door lube. 

The Fasteners Are Loose 

Garage door fasteners include the hinges, bolts, and nuts in your garage door. These fasteners help keep your garage door running smoothly, but over time, they can become loose. You will know if you have loose fasteners because your door will make rattling noises while operating. It is important to have all of your hinges, bolts, and nuts tightened periodically to avoid expensive repairs in the future. 

Damaged Tracks

Tracks carry your garage door up and down safely. When your tracks begin to age, they will cause the door to shake and screech while in motion. If a strong force, like a car, hits your garage door tracks, leaving them bent or out of alignment, it will also make your door louder. If your garage door tracks are damaged, you can schedule a garage door repair with your local garage door technician. 

Your Garage Door Opener Needs a Repair 

Your garage door opener consists of many different parts, that all work to pull your garage door up and lower it back down. One of the most obvious signs that you need a garage door opener repair is if the opener is making grinding, rattling, or squeaking noises. If you hear unusual sounds coming from your garage door opener, then you need to have it examined by a professional.

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The Door is Old 

Like many things in life, garage doors do become old and break down over time. When a garage door is older, it can make a lot of creaking or squeaking noises. You could spend hundreds of dollars repairing your old garage door, but the best thing to do is replace it. We would be happy to help you upgrade your garage door with a newer, less noisy one. 

Let Us Diagnose Your Noisy Garage Door!

Whenever you have a noisy garage door, you can call Bearfoot Garage Doors for a full inspection. Our certified technicians will be able to find the reason behind the noise and handle the garage door repair with ease. We have years of experience dealing with noisy garage doors, and would be happy to complete your garage door repair any time! Call us to schedule your garage door repair with Bearfoot Garage Doors!

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