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Garage Door Spring Replacement Durango CO

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Searching for a garage door spring replacement Durango CO? Garage door springs are incredibly important for the life of your garage door. They have the ability to take on hundreds of pounds of weight, which allows the garage door to move smoothly. Through this labor-intensive role, springs are subject to extreme wear and tear over time. 

As they continue to power garage door cycles, garage door springs start to deteriorate and lose their strength. Once this happens, it becomes inevitable that the garage door spring will snap. If you hear a loud, popping noise in your garage, it was likely a spring breaking. If this happens, call your neighborhood garage door company Bearfoot Garage Doors; we replace broken garage door springs! 

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Schedule Same Day Spring Repair!

When a garage door spring snaps, it’s important to schedule same day garage door spring replacement Durango CO. We highly recommend that you refrain from using a garage door with a broken spring. It’s very dangerous, as the garage door’s balance is thrown off, which can cause it to move unreliably, even slamming shut. It puts your family members at risk to use the garage door. 

It’s also important that you stay away from the broken garage door spring. Even when broken, springs carry a large amount of tension and hold the potential to harm you. At Bearfoot Garage Doors, our team is well-trained to take care of garage door spring replacement Durango CO. With years of experience, we’ve learned the best practices and work with only the highest quality replacement garage door springs. 

How to tell if your garage door spring is broken?

It’s important to be aware of the condition of your garage door, including if it’s moving smoothly or not, how the springs look, and if the garage door is making any strange noises. Look out for these signs that point to a garage door broken spring:

  • Garage door won’t open.
  • Garage door moves slowly.
  • Garage door moves as couple of inches before reversing.
  • Garage door springs are elongated.
  • Garage door slams shut.
  • There is a 3-4 inch gap between the spring’s coils.
  • You notice loose or fallen garage door cables.
  • Garage door opens crooked or at an angle.

Why You Shouldn’t Delay Spring Replacement 

The first reason why you shouldn’t delay garage door spring replacement Durango CO is for safety. If you’re operating a garage door with a broken spring, it has the potential to hurt someone. You also want to consider the garage door broken spring cost. If you wait to schedule garage repair, it’s likely that the spring damage will impact other hardware. Most commonly, openers are affected by broken springs. They are forced to take on extra weight, which causes them to burn out quickly. There’s also the possibility of damage to cars or equipment in the garage. If the garage door is slamming shut, it can crush anything beneath it. 

The best way to avoid injuries and damage is to not delay garage door broken spring repair. Call the experts at Bearfoot Garage Doors! Our garage door repair company is focused on safe and efficient overhead door repair. Garage door spring replacement Durango CO is a service that should be handled by professionals because it can be extremely dangerous. We highly discourage DIY spring replacement, as it could both injure you and compromise the safety of your garage door system. 

Now Offering Spring Replacement Durango CO

Do you need garage door spring replacement Durango CO? Our team at Bearfoot Garage Doors has years of experience learning how to replace broken garage door springs. If you have questions or concerns, schedule a free consultation with us today! We serve the areas of Durango, Bayfield, Hesperus, and all of La Plata County with overhead door repair and new door installations

How to repair a spring for a garage door? 

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How to close a garage door with a broken spring?

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