Wood Garage Door

Among the heaviest material you can install for garage doors, wood garage doors appear natural, rustic, and charming for homeowners. Wood is a sought-after garage door upgrade, and Bearfoot Garage Doors have endless customization options.

X-style carriage garage door

X-Style Carriage Garage Door

Get Creative With an X-Style Carriage Garage Door Who knew a garage door could be so elegant? Carriage garage doors are one of the more unique options available for our buyers. These rustic doors have an old-style charm that appeals to many homeowners. The classic X-style carriage garage door is straight from when horse-drawn carriages […]

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Carriage Wood Garage Doors

Carriage Wood Garage Door Installation Wood was the first material ever used as a garage door. Presently, homeowners have many different materials options to choose from when preparing for a new garage door installation. Steel, aluminum, glass, and fiberglass have advantages, but no other material can give a home the same traditional look and feel

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Custom Wood Barn Style

Custom Wood Barn Style Garage Door Installation For a timeless garage door that never goes out of style, consider a custom wood barn style garage door installation. These wood garage doors would look great with any home’s style. Choose between various wood finishes to find a natural color that suits your home. For a budget-friendly

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Custom Wood Garage Doors

Add Flare to Your Custom Wood Garage Door Custom wood garage doors are a popular commodity here at Bearfoot Garage Doors. The amazing finish on this barndominium shown above is one of our many existing products you can choose for inspiration. The warmth and beauty you get from a wood garage door is what our

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Custom Wood

Customize Your Wooden Garage Door! Couldn’t find a garage door that fits your home the way you’ve imagined it? Let Bearfoot Garage Doors help your dreams become a reality with a custom wood garage door. We believe completing the face of your home is one of the most important components if you’re planning on renovating,

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