Carriage Wood Garage Doors

Carriage Wood Garage Door

Carriage Wood Garage Door Installation

Wood was the first material ever used as a garage door. Presently, homeowners have many different materials options to choose from when preparing for a new garage door installation. Steel, aluminum, glass, and fiberglass have advantages, but no other material can give a home the same traditional look and feel of a natural wood garage door. 

As you can see with this carriage wood garage door installation, the wood grain complements the brick pattern of this home perfectly. The multi-colored bricks blend in perfectly with the natural wood grain colors of the door, providing a seamless look.

What is a Carriage Garage Door Style?

A carriage garage door refers to doors in the past that would swing outward to allow a horse and carriage to enter a barn for safekeeping. They are characterized by decorative hardware and often have an “X” design on the face of the garage door. The carriage wood garage door shown here shows a cross design through the middle. These wood pieces stand out from the rest, adding depth and character to the garage door. Modern carriage garage doors open overhead instead of swinging out for convenience. 

Decorative Hardware Provides Customization Options

A major benefit of wood carriage garage doors is that they are highly customizable. Notice the hinges on each side of this garage door and the two handles in the center. The handles make it appear that the doors swing outward, and although carriage doors can still be built that way, most handles are strictly decorative. The hinges on each side of the garage door can be customized by size, color, and shape. 

Contact Us For a Wood Carriage Garage Door Installation

If you would like more information about a wood carriage garage door installation for your home, we would be happy to answer any questions. Our team at Bearfoot Garage Doors are experts at garage door installation, and we can help you choose the perfect door for your home. Use our Build a Door tool as inspiration for your new garage door installation. Schedule an appointment today!

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