Long-Panel Faux Wood Garage Door

long-panel faux wood garage door

Still Get High-Quality With Faux Wood

If you love the look of wood but can’t afford the higher manufacturing and installation costs, a long-panel faux wood garage door is your answer! Faux wood is made to appear like wood from a more affordable steel material. Our expert door manufacturers can easily manipulate steel, so there are grains of wood you wish to emulate, along with your desired shade and panel size. There is no limit if you want a combination of cedar or mahogany-stained wood! Check with a Bearfoot Garage Door installer for material availability

Measure your door’s frame, and explore different garage door configurations yourself before you call. Wood garage doors are our bread and butter, and we work with the top manufacturers, materials, and brands. Build A Door lets you see our high-quality Clopay garage door dealer and their one-of-a-kind wood garage doors while also viewing which options or paths you could take with your long-panel faux wood garage door.

Your Garage Door As Moving Walls

Your garage door is a large moving wall and can be treated as such! The long panels on this particular faux wood garage door have it appear like slatted, horizontal panels. From afar, the homeowner wanted the faux wood grains to be subdued so that it wouldn’t take away from their wood-heavy exterior. While this long-panel faux wood garage door mimics the look of wood, this project allows creative freedom for the homeowner, which is another reason why steel garage doors are the most popular material choice.

Contact Your Local Door Configuration Experts

Bearfoot Garage Doors see a lot of people wanting to highlight their new wood garage door, whether it’s custom real wood or faux wood material. There is no wrong answer here, and our door experts hand creative power to the client. Design your garage door with us in Durango, CO and Pagosa Springs, CO, and get started on a long-panel faux wood garage door today.

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