X-Style Carriage Garage Door

X-style carriage garage door

Get Creative With an X-Style Carriage Garage Door

Who knew a garage door could be so elegant? Carriage garage doors are one of the more unique options available for our buyers. These rustic doors have an old-style charm that appeals to many homeowners. The classic X-style carriage garage door is straight from when horse-drawn carriages parked at people’s homes before cars or garages were around. With our advanced new garage door installation technology and high-quality door providers, you can get creative with your X-style carriage garage door at Bearfoot Garage Doors.

The Elegant Way to Save Money

Typically designed to imitate carriage houses or barns, X-style carriage garage doors have the ability to transform an ordinary home into a stylish showcase that is sure to make heads turn. They attempt to mimic the barn-style look by making it appear like the door swings outward. Carriage house garage doors are great because they add a sophisticated touch without breaking the bank.

While this X-style carriage garage door decided to go without any decorative hardware, it is letting the “X” really stand out with the faux wood. Faux wood is less expensive, easier to maintain, and more customizable. Contact a Bearfoot Garage Door professional to discuss your budget, and how an X-style carriage garage door can serve your home. 

Customize Your X-Style Carriage Garage Door

Carriage doors also have different types of hinges, knobs, and accessories adorned on the outside of the door that can be highly customizable. This X-style carriage garage door just added one vintage element with some windows to appear more natural. These garage doors tend to stick with lighter, neutral colors. You’ll often see them in a natural or stained wood color. The neutral colors keep a simplistic, natural appearance that helps add to the overall elegance of an X-style carriage garage door. To get started on this classic, elegant garage door, call one of our professionals at (970) 251-0479 (Pagosa Springs, CO) or (970) 230-3839 (Durango, CO) for a new garage door installation today.

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