Flush Garage Doors

The face of a garage door is sectioned into panels, and flushed panels look “flat” and smooth the design of a garage door. Install Flush Garage Doors for a more seamless appearance.

Gray Modern Garage Door

Gray Modern Garage Door Modern garage doors are all about bringing style to an industrial look, and this garage door is no exception! It features long, flushed panels in a light gray color. There’s a column of asymmetrical, frosted windows running down the left side. Everything about this garage door is the height of modern …

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Modern Garage Door with Windows

Modern Garage Door with Windows We love seeing before and after pictures of garage door installations at Bearfoot Garage Doors! It’s amazing seeing the difference that a new look can make to a home! Since garage doors are such a big part of your home’s exterior, it’s important that your garage door is up-to-date and …

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Flushed Panel Garage Doors

Flushed Panel Garage Doors This flushed panel garage door really makes a statement against this stone house. The beautiful color and texture of the panels stand out and draw attention. A new garage door like this one would instantly increase any home’s value! It would greatly add to the curb appeal and make your home …

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