White Barn Style Garage Door with Decorative Hardware

mid century modern barn style garage doors

Barn Style Garage Door

This is one of our favorite garage doors! Barn style doors look amazing with any style of home! This look adds an elegant touch to any house, combining class with natural charm.

Barn style doors feature wood elements—whether real wood or faux wood. There are usually decorative hardware elements incorporated—often in iron. The main feature is the characteristic “X” pattern on the doors. It wouldn’t be a barn style door without this! These doors usually come in neutral colors that can go with any style of home.

This specific door is from Clopay and features a white door with straight, small windows across the top. It partners perfectly with this tan-colored home and cedar awning. This homeowner was ready for a major upgrade, and we delivered! This garage door is full of elegance and charm, and it instantly transformed this house. The curb appeal went up dramatically!

The best part about barn style garage doors is the options that come with them. You can get this in real wood for some added charm. Real wood amps up a home’s look a ton! Not to mention all the natural insulation it provides! Or, if you don’t want the maintenance and price that comes with real wood, you can choose a faux wood option. This gives you the freedom to choose more styles that will match what you want for your home. With faux wood, you get the best of both worlds. You can have the power and durability of steel mixed with the charm of wood. You can’t go wrong!

If you want one of these barn style garage doors, contact Bearfoot Garage Doors for a garage door installation near you. We can help you find the perfect door for your home. Call us today for more information about these garage doors.

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