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We Offer Customizable Cedar Plank Garage Doors

Here at Bearfoot Garage Doors, we love cedar plank garage doors! These residential garage doors look amazing with many different types of homes. The tones of the cedar wood really pop again the house, and this door is quite the eye-catcher.

As certified Clopay and CHI dealers, this modern garage door can be customized in many different ways. It looks amazing by itself, with some asymmetrical windows going down the side, or with more traditional windows. You can’t go wrong with a cedar plank garage door! Homeowners love this overhead door because it makes such a profound statement. This garage door has a classy look, while also appearing very stylish and up-to-date.

Modern garage doors are a great option if you need a new garage door. This style focuses on clean lines, with no unnecessary hardware getting in the way. Sometimes these garage doors don’t even have any windows. The stunning materials and colors speak for themselves! These garage doors add greatly to curb appeal, increasing the value of the home. Even though this style is simple, the garage doors certainly are not! You’ll love having a new modern garage door in your home.

Cedar plank garage doors in particular are very good at resisting weather and insect damage. The cedar planks are light and porous, making them easy to move and install. But these planks are very tough when it comes to the elements. You won’t need to fear extensive weather and insect damage when you have a cedar plank garage door. This overhead door won’t warp with the weather, making it a great choice for southern homes that have a lot of humidity. And because it’s so light, your garage door opener won’t have to work as hard, allowing it to last longer. In addition, there are lots of great stains to choose from, allowing you to customize this beautiful door even more.

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