Garage Door Remodel

Garage Door Remodel

We loved remodeling this garage door to make it more spacious and functional for the homeowner. Originally, there were two garage doors. They were dark brown, short-paneled, and small. They really disappeared against the brown wood of the garage. It was as if they weren’t even there!

But we came in and completely transformed this whole garage! We took out the middle divider, combining the two separate doors into one. This created so much more space! It allowed the homeowner to have a lot more room throughout the garage.

Instead of sticking with the light brown, short-paneled look from before, we installed a striking dark brown garage door. This color stands out much more than the old one, creating some much-needed contrast. At the same time, it’s not too dark or blunt.

We used long panels here to add a more elegant touch that makes the door look more uniform. It’s still a traditional garage door, but now it seems more put together and classic. This style of garage door does a wonderful job creating a simplistic look that doesn’t take away from the home but adds to it. There’s nothing too crazy going on, and that’s where all the charm is! You can never go wrong with a new traditional garage door! It cleans up an area very nicely.

Altogether, this new garage door adds a special touch to this garage. We were very happy to make this homeowner’s vision come true by creating a whole new look for them. With a garage door like this, their garage is even better than before!

If you want a garage door remodel like this one, contact Bearfoot Garage Doors! We can help you get the perfect new door for your home. Whether you want to combine two separate doors or make one door into two, we can help! Contact us today for more information about how we can help you with a garage door installation.

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