Full-View Glass Garage Door with Faux Wood Finish

Full-View Glass Garage Door with Faux Wood Finish

This charming garage door really pulls off the contemporary style! A regular, traditional garage door could have been used to serve the same purpose, but this full-view glass garage door really adds some style to this red barn-style building.

This garage door is very narrow and tall. It features full-view glass, which adds a lot of natural lighting to the inside of this building. The windows are tinted, which adds a little bit more privacy, as they seem more reflective. These windows could be frosted, clear, or have various shades of tint. But we like what this owner decided to go with. The darker tint goes well with the features of the building, and it keeps what’s inside a little more private.

The panes in between the windows are made of faux wood. Instead of using actual wood, a stronger, lighter faux wood is used. Typically, a steel or aluminum frame will be used to help the door open easily and to keep the frames in place. This is better for the door and keeps it safe. The faux wood look adds an extra layer of charm to this glass door. A full-view door with faux wood accents just can’t be beat! It combines a contemporary feel with vintage charm.

Are you ready for a new contemporary full-view glass garage door in your home or business? We can help you get just that! Contact our team here at Bearfoot Garage Doors, and we’ll help you select the perfect tint and finish. Whether you want an opaque or frosted look or an industrial or natural finish, we can help you get there. Our technicians will expertly install your garage door so you can enjoy it for years to come. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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