Driftwood Faux Wood Garage Door

driftwood faux wood garage door

Driftwood Faux Wood Garage Door

What better style for a garage door than a driftwood look! A faux wood garage door has the look of natural wood without the price tag. It’s stronger, but it still keeps a charming look. Not to mention, there are more customization options than a natural wood door would have. What’s not to love?

This specific garage door takes on a reclaimed driftwood style. The gray hues make it look like this door was built from actual driftwood! Not to mention, it looks amazing against the stone of this home. The wooden casing surrounding the door adds a special touch to this look. It has a traditional window arrangement that allows for a lot of natural light to enter. What a great combo!

Faux wood garage doors are a great option for people who love the look of natural wood, but can’t have one for various reasons. Maybe natural wood is outside your budget. Or perhaps you live in an area where the weather won’t allow it. It gets pretty cold here in Colorado! Or maybe you need a garage door that’s stronger than plain wood. Whatever the reason, a faux wood garage door is a great option for any homeowner. We can help you pick out the perfect faux wood door for you.

The great thing about getting a door like this is that it’s very customizable. If you want a different shade of color, it can easily be done! Or perhaps you’d prefer a different window arrangement. You can transform this door into whatever style you want!

Want a garage door like this one? Contact Bearfoot Garage Doors for a new garage door installation. We can help you choose the perfect door for your home and your budget. Call us today at (970) 251-0479 for more information about a driftwood faux wood garage door.

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