Barn Reframing

reframed garage door
reframed barn door
reframed barn garage door

Upgrade Your Door With Our Reframing Services!

One of our customers needed a new barn door installed. They ordered their new door but realized they hadn’t properly measured for the correct dimensions. When we arrived to install the new door, we noticed that the new door wouldn’t fit properly and that the homeowner’s ceiling was low hanging. We’ve come across this issue several times, from people ordering doors to unprofessional garage door companies who don’t take the time to give accurate measurements.

The first thing our crew did when we arrived on the scene was to accurately measure the distance from the ground up from both the outside as well as inside of the barn. Our expert repairmen then adjusted the size of the barn doors to match the scale of the barn. We discovered that the inside of the barn’s ceiling was too low for the door even after making the necessary adjustments. To address this issue, we proposed a side-mounted operator to our client.

Wall-mounted operators, also known as jackshaft openers, are automatic garage door openers that are installed on the structure’s sides rather than overhead, as most openers are. These garage door openers use a pulley and rope mechanism in conjunction with torsion springs to move the door up and down smoothly. Our client happily accepted our suggestion, and we got to work.

Once installed, the new barn doors and opener significantly improved the curb appearance of this barn, giving it a fresh new look. We’re pleased that we were able to reframe our client’s door to fit their barn. When you choose Bearfoot Garage Doors, you know you’re getting high-quality services at an affordable price.

Untrained professionals and other garage door companies may struggle to reframe a garage door. But Bearfoot Garage Doors has been in business for over a decade and has extensive experience reshaping your garage opening to fit your door. Whether you’re upgrading your home or barn to increase curb appeal or want to give your property a fresh new look, Bearfoot Garage Doors is here to help.

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